Doniphan applies for "safe" route to school

By Josh Harvison - bio | email

DONIPHAN, MO (KAIT) – The city of Doniphan has teamed up with the Doniphan R-1 School District to apply for a grant to create safer routes to school for students who walk. Region 8 News followed one group of students Tuesday morning, who showed how dangerous some roads can become and how some drivers act when they're on the road. Along Pine Street, one of the roads she walks down every day, there are no sidewalks on either side of the road.

"The traffic, how they just don't even move over when you're walking. They just kind of slide by you. It's kind of scary," said Heather Braden. "My walk to school is kind of crazy because there is a lot of cars that just drive by really fast and I normally walk with a lot of little kids."

Doniphan city officials said Tuesday they have applied for $183,243 grant to repair broken sidewalks on Vine and Summit Streets, as well as install handrails across bridges. The grant has been written to the Missouri Department of Transportation's Safe Routes to School Program.

"The ones that are here are not in very good shape. There are steep ditches on the sides of them. They are cracked. In some places there is not even sidewalk left," said Raymond Dixon, school resource officer with the Doniphan Police Department. "Kids, a lot of cars and a lot of times the kids aren't exactly paying attention to what the cars are doing and sometimes the cars aren't paying attention to the kids."

The city applied for the grant officially on April 15, 2011; however, it may be June until the city finds out if it's been approved.

"It's probably the intersections. The intersections, there are several streets that run into this street right here where most of them walk. And I've seen cars blow right through the stop sign and not even slow down," said Dixon. "Kids rough house and play around, don't really realize that they can get hurt by just falling off of that."

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