Religion becomes a topic on ASU’s campus

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Religion was a hot topic on Arkansas State University's campus Thursday as the third and final program in the series, "Difficult Dialogues", sponsored by the Office of Diversity at ASU was held.

These panel discussions took on a variety of hard topics that audience members were able to engage panel members in. Thursday's panel discussion dealt with differences in religion and why they matter.

Arkansas State University's Dr. Lillie Fears says discussing our differences is important. "Everyone's faith is important to them, but sometimes we don't always understand why it's important. So, I think today gives us a chance to find out what people believe and that will help us better appreciate what they believe as we continue grow in our own faiths as individuals."

Speakers talked about Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity, and Jonesboro resident Carol Kay-Moore says she saw the panel discussion as an opportunity to learn some valuable information. "At our church, Christian Valley Christian Church, on our Wednesday night meetings we've been studying other religions and I saw this as a chance to get some information to carry back with me."

Dr. Fears says America's diversity is growing in leaps and bounds. "These types of panel discussions are important because the United State, Arkansas and Northeast Arkansas is becoming more and more diverse. So, why not learn more about each other so we can better co mingle as societies."

Carol attended an earlier panel discussion on race, and found the information fascinating, which is why she decided to attend Thursday's discussion on religion. "I think it's wonderful. I've seen one other one and now I'd like to see everyone that they have."

Carol believes it would be beneficial for others to attend these types of panel discussions. "I found it very enlightening and interesting and, as I said, it made me want to see all the others that are going to be presented. I think these are good for the entire community."

Dr. Fears says they intend to try and make these panel discussions an annual event. For more information about the Difficult Dialogues Panel Discussions, log onto their website.

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