Third graders get lesson on managing money

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Not every person has a natural gift for correctly dealing with their money. As part of the national "Teach Children to Save" program, representatives from Bancorp South were at the Microsociety Magnet school today matters.

Microsociety Magnet students already know a lot about money. 3rd grade teacher Amber Bean has pictures of money hanging on her wall.

"We teach the value of all the American Currency and we teach how to count money. The proper way to count money. The right way to make and give back change."

The Bancorp South folk come in, pass out money..and deposit slips just like real life.

The  Microsociety school has 2 banks and students that work there like Destinee who handles deposits and debit cards.

Destinee, "It's a debit card and it's like 5 dollars on each one and it's a hundred dollars on each one counted by fives."

Stacy Slaughter a bank officer from Bancorp South says this program fits this school just right. "A perfect environment because they have the banks and they have the debit cards and jobs so they work on this day to day."

The kids were told that money in the bank earns interest, but a lot of hands were raised when Stacy asked if they have piggy banks. Brianna said, "It's convenient; That way if I want to use it I just go in my piggy bank and take it out and go to the store."

And grownups have to use banks why?

Brianna, "You can save your money and you wouldn't have to carry a piggy bank around."

A lot of the kids have jobs at the Microsociety School, they earn and spend just like adults. Mrs. Bean says this program helps with the spending part.

Bean, "You don't spend everything that you make and saving is also important."

Jillian explained to me that even though she loves money learning how to make out deposits and keep track of your money will be important when you grow up. "You write the check out and you save money."

Even when you are only 9. It's never too early to learn about money.

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