Career counselors smoothing a path to the job market

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Dieresha Smith has invested countless hours at ASU's Career Management Center.

"I definitely think it's given me the competitive edge," said Smith.

That edge is an integral part to landing a job in this fiercely competitive job market.  Smith says she got career opportunities and picked up marketable skills she thinks will help smooth a path to the workforce.

"I always try to find something that I feel will set me apart," said Smith.

"We're seeing more students than what we've ever seen in the past," said Sharon Becker.

Director of the Career Management Center at ASU, Sharon Becker, says that includes traditional and nontraditional students, and those entering and re-entering the workforce.

"When people are starting to make those transitions in their life, they don't always know what they need to do and what the steps are," said Becker.

Transitions, some by choice, some out of necessity, that Becker hopes the center can make smooth.

"It's extremely competitive right now," said Becker.

Finding a career path is just the first step.  Executing a plan to land the job with a polished resume and top notch interview skills, comes next. Becker expects the need for help readying people for the workforce will continue.

"I think that there has been a lack of the resources available and I think that with the awareness that is being developed within the community--I think there's going to be an increase," said Becker.

Soon to be graduate Dieresha Smith says those skills she has developed will aid her long after leaves the classroom.

"When I go into an interview and they ask me this specific question, I can say something that the candidate before or after me hasn't thought of or hasn't done," said Smith.

Becker says the services they offer are not only for students, alumni can use the center as well.

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