Beaver Lake tailwater meeting

Second Beaver Lake tailwater meeting scheduled BENTONVILLE   (AGFC) – The second of two meetings to update trout management on the White River below Beaver Dam will be at 6:30 p.m., May 17, at the Walmart Auditorium of the Shewmaker Center for Workforce and Technology on the campus of Northwest Arkansas Community College in Bentonville.

A March 1 workshop allowed concerned anglers and other stakeholders to provide direction for management of the trout fishery over the next five years, according to Jeff Williams, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission trout management supervisor.

"Workshop attendees were asked to identify their major issues or concerns with the Beaver Tailwater trout fishery," Williams said. "They were then asked to provide advice or suggestions to AGFC personnel on how best to address the major issues."

A summary of the input provided at the first public workshop can be viewed at Documents

The current management plan for the White River below Beaver Dam was developed about five years ago.

"Since that time, management actions outlined in the plan were implemented," Williams said. "It is now time to determine if these strategies have worked and whether public expectations of the fishery have changed."

Key to developing realistic and effective strategies is the analysis and incorporation of the large amount of data available – from creel surveys, annual population samples, and a growth and mortality study.

Williams said that the Trout Management Program had planned on having the data analyzed and available to the public prior to a second workshop planned for mid-April.

"This analysis has taken longer than anticipated, but should be available in a comprehensive summary in the coming weeks. As a result, the second public workshop has been postponed until May 17. The second workshop will be an opportunity to comment on draft strategies."

Throughout the process of developing the plan, anglers will be able to track progress and find information on the AGFC website at the link above. For more information, please contact Williams or biologist Christy Kitterman, 877-425-7577, or biologists Ron Moore or Jon Stein, 877-631-6005.