Pine Log Cemetery opens grave locator kiosk

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The Pine Log Cemetery near Brookland is making finding the graves of loved ones easier.

Until Friday, it could be both difficult and time consuming to locate graves in the nearly 50 acres. A computer kiosk has been installed at the cemetery that lists and gives a location for the graves for those that are buried there.

On Friday, the dedication cumulated with Brookland's East Lab five year project of creating the data base. "We would all sign up and take our turns coming out to the cemetery and writing down the names and dates," says Brittany Holden, a senior at Brookland. "It's taken a lot of time."

Nestle provided the funding, the kiosk and programming was provided by Tiger Commissary and the kiosk shelter was built by Foster Monument. It is located next to the maintenance building.

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