GoodWill Tour

September 19, 2003 - Posted at 2:15 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, Ark. -- Members of the Jonesboro chamber of commerce hit the road early this morning on a goodwill tour of north Arkansas with an ultimate destination of Tulsa, Oklahoma for the ASU football game. But the road trip isn't just about cheering on the Indians to victory.

"We're always being told that we don't do enough to tell other cities in Arkansas about Jonesboro," says chamber president Henry Jones. "Even though we don't realize it, we are one of the most progressive cities in the state. And while we're sharing, at the same time, we'll be listening to what these communities are telling us."

Among the stops on the goodwill tour: Pocahontas, Hardy, Mountain Home, Harrison, and Eureka Springs.

Jones says, "The more we understand about each other the less we become jealous of each other and understand that we are an economic region and we are inter-dependent on each other for an awful lot of things."

The weekend trip won't be all about lobbying, there will be some fun and a stop in Tulsa for the ASU football game.