More than dancing and decorations at one Region 8 prom

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Busy hands are working hard ahead of Jonesboro High School's prom Saturday night.

"It's like a memorable time that we get together as a senior and junior group," said Jonesboro High School student, Kayla Bailey.

The decorations are hung and the dresses are picked out--but for JHS prom goer's there's another piece to this years prom preps.

"It's a precautionary measure.   We're just trying to keep people safe," said Jonesboro High School student, Hayley Overbay.

In an effort to do that, at this years JHS prom, there will be a device used to detect alcohol.  It will be used on students in a pattern formation developed by school administrators.

"We want students to know we want you to have fun, but at the same time we want you to be responsible," said Dr. Mike Skelton.

Jonesboro High School Principal Doctor Mike Skelton says the idea to use the alcohol detection device at prom came from the students and their wishes to have a safe and alcohol free environment.

"We sat down and had conversations about what is it that we could do and what did we need to do if anything? We felt like this was something that was doable and we wanted to act on it," said Dr. Skelton.

School administrators say it's all about keeping the kids safe, both at school and during school related activities.

"We're here to make leaders.   We're here to make people that are our future. If we're making good decisions now, that's only going to help them make good decisions when they graduate and when they're older," said teacher, Wes Miller.

Hayley Overbay says she's hopeful this will deter students from drinking and send a positive message throughout the school, and ultimately the community.

"We care about our students and we care about each other and the school is almost like your own family," said Overbay.

Dr. Skelton says if alcohol is detected with the alcohol detection device, then they will do a breathalyzer.  The school resource officer, security director, and NEA Area Technical Center SRO,  will use the device and administer further tests if necessary. Dr. Skelton says if alcohol is detected, students parents will be called to come and get the student.

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