Volkswagon Car Show

Bugs of all colors shapes and sizes were all over Craighead Forest Park on Saturday, but these weren't the kinds of bugs you step on, they were the ones you step in, and drive. 

These bugs were beetles, volkswagon beetles and the NEA Volks Folks President Don Smith says today was like going back in time.

"Everybody buys a VW and most people have had one before in their lifetime.  It's like reliving the past."

Some cars were refurbished to look like Herbie the Love bug others, like Dave Osborne's car, represented a different era of time.

"I was in the airforce in Germany in 1970 and this is what they drove.  When it came time to restore car, I seen a lot of them done but never seen a police car.))

Volkswagon owners are loyal fans of these cars.  They say don't look for them to let go of these bugs anytime soon.