Flooding could pose a threat in Randolph County

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT)- Several roads including HW 90, Engleburg Road, and Black's Ferry Road have been closed in Randolph County due to flooding. The Office of Emergency Management says many of the low water bridges are completely underwater. But for some residents, the flooding is nothing new.

"It happens pretty much every year. We get an overflow, some bigger than others," said resident Al Throesch, who lives in one of the low lying areas near the Current River just outside of Biggers. The water has already reached the bottom of his home. He spent Monday afternoon treading water up to his knees, trying to protect his property.

"I'm just trying to get everything up so it doesn't float away. The water is usually 12 to 14 feet down.," said Throesch.

But it's not just the Current River posing a concern, Marty Cagle with the Office of Emergency Management in Randolph County says they have been monitoring the Black River for the past 48 hours. With more rain in the forecast, he says the department is staying closely connected with the National Weather Service.

"The level of the Black River right now is 18 feet. They are predicting sometime by Friday for it to be around 25.2 feet,: said Cagle, which would cause the river to crest. And with that risk, Cagle has warned citizens to have a plan of action.

"We have been in contact with the people that live in the low lying areas, or have cattle in the low lying areas to go ahead and be aware of the situation that it could be potentially hazardous and dangerous," said Cagle.

As for Throesch, he's already made preparations of his own. "Just make sure you have plenty of groceries and your health is good."

Cagle says with the current conditions the Levee Board is also monitoring the levee. So if any problems emerge, they can make proper provisions. He also advises citizens to avoid driving through any water covering the road.

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