The Spring River is springing from it's banks in Sharp County

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

HARDY, AR (KAIT) --As the rain continues to pour down the Spring river is rising higher causing consternation in Hardy and the South End of Sharp County.

The rains have already caused the evacuation of homes along the river and police tape blocks the roads where the water doesn't. In Ravenden front street is closed by high water as the Spring fills into cattle pastures forcing farmers to move their cows to higher ground which is rapidly decreasing.

Wiliford is flooded again but the only business remaining on 58E is the Post Office with the often flooded library now in it's new location on 63 well above the flood water level.

On Monday afternoon Hardy Mayor and emergency officials had a conference call with the National Weather Service. The NWS told them to be prepared for perhaps over 23 feet of floodwater.

Mayor NIna Thornton says the city hall floods at 21 feet and ordered the building to be emptied and all moved to the old gym. The cities communication center will be operated out of the Fire House till water recedes.

Loberg Park and the newly refurbished RV park are underwater cutting off access to homes off Loberg Street. Jim Johnson and his wife came Sunday to check on their house and move any valuables to higher locations. The Johnson's house was built after the 82 flood and sits on 23 foot cement pilings. The only things they took with them were a pair of kayaks.

Mayor Thornton said the river warning system they had installed a year ago worked perfectly notifying Emergency Personnel that levels were rising. Mayor Thornton said they will continue to monitor the situation.

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