New Greyhound Pups in Lake City Reminder of 9-11 Tragedies

September 22, 2003 - Posted at: 9:02 a.m. CDT

LAKE CITY, Ark.  - Greyhound racing fans will be reminded of a grim day in the nation's history when dogs bred by a Lake City man take to the track.  Darrell McClung took a chance happening and turned it into a "memorial" of sorts to the Sepember 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks on the East Coast.  On September 11 of this year, McClung's six-year-old greyhound, Minaki Saga, delivered eleven puppies.

So McClung gave the pups names that memorialize some of the people and places involved in the terrorist attacks.  The canines in the litter include NYPD Heroes, Twin Towers, Ground Zero, Let's Roll Heroes, NYFD Heroes, Fallen Angels, Port Authority, Pentagon Angels, Rudolph Giuliani, Let's Roll Beamer, and Red White Blue.

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