White River in Batesville predicted to crest

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT)- For the past two days, city officials in Batesville have been keeping a close eye on the White River. But it was Monday night's rain, that's now causing problems not only for residents, but even some of the city's largest industrial plants.

The White River is already well above flood level, and any more rain is expected to cause even more problems. "I'm just trying to get everything out of the house before it really just gets too deep to get anything out," said Batesville resident Juan Medina, who woke up Tuesday with the majority of his street underwater. "It started last night, and this morning it got deeper and deeper," said Medina.

He spent Tuesday morning loading up everything he owns. It's a routine he's gotten down to a science. "It's the third time we've done it. The second time we had to use boats," said Medina.

And as the water rose, streets closed, many vehicles were swallowed, with water all the way up to the porch of some houses. It's a familiar scene for Batesville Councilman Fred Krug.

"This morning around 3:30a.m. we knocked on all the doors for the people on Elsie Street advising them it was time to get out, it was about to flood," said Krug

Krug says when the White River rises, the west end of Batesville is one of the first areas affected. "There's really not much the city or anybody can do. When the White River gets so high, the Bayou and the other tributaries get backed up," said Krug.

Tuesday morning the White River was at 21 feet and almost reached the bottom of the bridge.  City officials predict the White River to crest Tuesday night at midnight. Krug says if any residents need assistance moving their personal belongs out of their home, just call the city and they'll send out a truck.

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