River continues to rise in Butler County

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KAIT) -For people who live on the Black River in Butler County flooding is nothing new but even they know when it's time to go.

Tuesday afternoon, a rescue boat picked up Linda Hooker when the water came within a foot of her home.  Not everyone has been as lucky.  Water has flooded the homes of many who got out just in time.  Tuesday night the biggest concern is rescuing people.  

"It's a new experience.  I've never left before so it's all kind of makes me nervous," said Hooker.

Hooker was born and raised in her home about a mile away from this growing sea of water. 

"We have a two story house and it's not even up to the first floor yet," said Hooker.

She said her children were worried and wanted her to get out before the water got too close.  On Monday the water had already reached some homes but the roads were still clear.  By Tuesday it was a different

"Once that fills up and saturates then it starts to get into the homes and that's when a lot of the rescues start happening," said Butler County Sheriff Mark Dobbs.

Dobbs said there are several breaches on the levee where water is flowing over the top and at least one break.  In addition to Hooker, another family was rescued at the same time.

"Unfortunately it's the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Those emergency calls that come in, that is our primary focus right now," said Dobbs.

This isn't the first experience with flooding for most of the residents.  Hooker said this flood isn't much different from past years.

"It's about like the one in '08.  It's about the same," said Hooker.

As people head home Tuesday night or head out Wednesday morning there are fears people could drive into danger if the water has risen into their road.  Dobbs urges motorists to be careful if they're driving down a road that could be compromised by water.

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