Shelter doors open in Walnut Ridge

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - Low lying areas and residents living there are particularly vulnerable to flooding and the dangers associated with it.  Shelter doors are open in Walnut Ridge as dangerous flooding continues to plague Lawrence County and many others across northeast Arkansas.

The shelter is located at the community center in Walnut Ridge.

While the gym is empty now, if needed, it can be filled with blankets and cots ready to accommodate those displaced by the floodwaters.

Walnut Ridge Mayor Don House says after careful assessment of the situation throughout Tuesday and potential for even more flooding across the county, he says he wanted to make sure people in Walnut Ridge and the entire county, had a place to go.

"We're doing our best to prepare for whatever may come our way, where people need a safe place, where we'll have electricity, where we'll have supplies, if they need to come here," said House.

"We've already reserved 100 cots, 100 blankets,  which we have in the trailer here located outside.  When people start coming in, we'll start getting them set up," said Sherri Sparks at the Lawrence County Office of Emergency Management.

Mayor House says they have staffed the center with volunteers and are stocked with resources provided by the American Red Cross.

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