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White River Inventors Group

StormTell™ - Tornado & Severe Weather Alarm


StormTell™ gives immediate warning in your home.

This wall-mounted device in your home can protect your family from approaching bad weather using patented technology and without the aid of weather radio band. Considering that 60% of severe weather occurs with little or no warning while we sleep, families will appreciate the life-saving features in this product.
  • monitors air pressure levels and rates of pressure change
  • provides a loud audible warning up to 1 hour ahead of tornadoes and severe storms
  • battery backup insures uninterrupted operation

Don't be caught saying "We had no warning!" Equip your family with a StormTell™ unit today.

To order call: 1-888-STORM-64

Disclaimer: StormTell™ is only effective on surface low pressures. It is not meant for weather prediction, simply monitoring. Distributed and manufactured by White River Inventors Group.

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