AGFC sets minimum age for hunting

Commission creates minimum age for harvest of big game LITTLE ROCK (AGFC) – During a recent meeting of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Commissioners approved a minimum age requirement to harvest and check big game such as deer, turkey, elk and bear. The minimum harvest age for the upcoming seasons is now six.

AGFC wildlife bureau chief David Goad said that many negative comments have been heard around the state concerning youth five and under harvesting big game. "It is possible for a larger frame five-year-old to meet this requirement and some youths may be eight or nine before they can do this," Goad said. "I feel this will solve the problem and not discourage youth from hunting at the same time," he added.

This code will serve as a guideline for all AGFC personnel to refer to when asked about youth hunting. "It would leave no doubt to what a youth must be able to do in order to take big game," he said.

Youth under the age of six can still go along with an adult and enjoy the experience of hunting, but they can't harvest big game themselves until they reach the age of six. The new regulation does not affect youth hunting small game such as squirrels.