A bird's eye view of the Pocahontas flooding

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - In order to really appreciate the huge scale of the flooding around Pocahontas you need to see it from the air.

Flying in a helicopter provided by Couch Helicopters of Beech Grove I was once again teamed up with Casey Couch and Harvey Songer, the two pilots that flew me over the floods of 2008.

From Beech Grove to Pocahontas is a short hop so we were quickly over the flooded farmland that was rapidly filling up with breaks in the levee, some large, some small including one by a house that was probably 100 feet across.

We came in over Highway 67 which was covered in water but still saw several vehicles driving through the flood waters. Zipping over the flooded runway you could see nearly every building in East Pocahontas had water around it in various levels. The houses had water up to window levels and higher and you could just see the top of a yellow late-model Camaro under the water. Many residents were evacuating personal items by boat and they waved as we flew over.

The water was nearly up to the bottom of the bridges which is normally about 30 feet above the waters surface.

We headed toward Corning following the path of 62 which was mostly water covered on both sides of Corning including the "Y" of 62 and 135. Corning itself looked high and dry.

Coming back toward Pocahontas we flew over many flooded homes, flooded farms with the cab roofs barely above water. Over one mobile home a man stood on his porch and waved at us as his family moved away by boat.

Before returning to Beech Grove we again circled Pocahontas looking at the flood wall erected around KFC. Patrons in the parking lot and walking the street waved and took pictures as we flew across the bridges, passed the Burger King and the water-surrounded jail.

The questions are now. Where will all this water go and when will it go?

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