Randolph County evacuees see homes for the first time

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

RANDOLPH COUNTY, AR (KAIT)- In Pocahontas, Sunday water receded enough for some residents to visit their homes for the first time in days, where the Black River Damaged homes and businesses.

James Watson pushed through water and debris, at what was once the street to his home. The rain was still pouring down, as Watson made his way back at his home for the first time since he evacuated. He was not sure what he would find when he walked through the door.

And with flashlight in hand, Watson walked through his home, hoping to save what he can. "I'm just going to get out what I can get out," said Watson.

It's a disaster because felt by the entire Robil Addition in East Pocahontas. Across the street, Watson checked on his neighbors, where it was a down pour of emotions as the Loggains family held each other close.

"You read about it. You see it on the news. It's nothing you expect to experience in your life ever," said resident Lonnie Loggains. He says pretty much all they have left is each other. "We left with the clothes on our back and our two dogs in the back."

Loggains said they evacuated this past Tuesday, and was shocked to see water could do so much damage. "This is what it looked like when we just opened the door. My refrigerator is turned over. My deep freezer is turned over. My couches are moved toward the door," said Loggains.

And with the National Weather Service predicting at least 6 more inches, the Loggains family is just hoping for the best. Office of Emergency Management Director Marty Cagle says the number of people that have evacuated their homes through out Randolph County exceeds 300 people.

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