Pocahontas residents could get flooded a second time

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) -While the water is still high in a lot of places, the level in Pocahontas is down by about two feet.  Now residents are preparing for another round of rising water.

"This thing was like a monster.  It just came in and there was nothing anyone could do," said Kelly Grooms with the Imperial Dinner Theater.

The Imperial Dinner Theater had water in the building last week.  Grooms said the auditorium is set even lower than the rest of the building and is covered in mud.

"When they talk about a disaster area that is exactly what this looks like," said Grooms.

Across the road several buildings at Black River Technical College were underwater.

"There is a lot more damage than meets the eye. You're going to have to take it back to the studs.  You have to take all of the equipment out," said BRTC President Richard Gaines.

Gaines said it will take months to recover.

"There are still areas of east Pocahontas that are still underwater like the Robil Addition.  South of the county is still under water," said OEM Director Marty Cagle.

Cagle said there is a risk some of the areas flooded last week could be flooded again.

"Wait and see here for another 24 to 48 hours and see exactly what the river is going to do because it could possibly cause another dangerous situation," said Cagle.

The levees that were breached last week are in bad shape and if the water rises again it will affect the same areas.

"The levees have been breached in four or five different areas at this point and they are in areas that we cannot get in there and try to repair them," said Cagle.

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