Textbook Prices on the Rise

Wonder how much are textbooks going for these days? Brian White of Indian Books & Supplies says prices have gone way up.

"We used to have several textbooks that were just over $100 now we see a lot of textbooks that are well over $100.

Over the past five years college textbook prices have risen 41% across the country.  ASU junior, Edith Taylor says she and her friends have to get help with books eventhough she has a job.

"Most of my friends paid $300 for their books and unless they have financial aid I don't know how they're paying for them."

White says he's watched prices skyrocket since 2001 and that students may have a chance to improve prices if they go to the source.

"Students need to start voicing their opinions to the publishers and saying hey, I think $140 for a book is a bit much."

Buying used books can also save a buck or two, about 25% according to White. He says more professors are going with new editions, meaning more money. Taylor says instructors need to make careful choices.

"If they're not going to use that book then I don't think they should require it because there've been classes where we had to buy the book and I never even opened it."

And every little bit counts when you're paying for your education.