St. Francis River being watched closely

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

LAKE CITY, AR (KAIT) -Crushed rock is being used to build up the levee in Lake City.  It's the only levee the Army Corps of Engineers said they are concerned about on the St. Francis River.  The Corps along with the Craighead County Road Department and Lake City mayor are keeping a close eye on both the rising St. Francis River and the levees that protect the town.

"They've got a contractor that is bringing the rock.  The county has supplied us with a grader," said Lake City Mayor Jon Milligan.

This red flag marks what Lake City Mayor Jon Milligan calls a "low spot" in the levee. 

"The levees are in good shape.  They're happy the way the levees look," said Milligan.

He said the levee is being built up only as a precaution.

"This is a nice community and we enjoy it here and we like it a lot but we don't want to see the water come over and wash everything away," said resident Teresa Elrod.

Elrod lives a few houses away from the levee.  She has been staying with her daughter because she is worried about the river.

"If that comes over that levee I don't feel safe.  I'm seeing them coming in with stuff they're going to build it up.  They're going to save our little town," said Elrod.

"There are not any leaks.  There is not any damage done.  They just want to come in here and raise it up just to be on the safe side," said Milligan.

Elrod is just one of many who have homes right along the levee.  Milligan said a nursing home with about sixty residents is also located nearby.  He said the city isn't taking the safety of the residents lightly.

"The first sign that the Corps is way more concerned than they are now or worried that will be one of the first places we will go and everybody will be warned to get out of town but right now the levee's are good," said Milligan.

Part of Highway 18 in Lake City is shut down to only one lane because of water flooding the road.

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