Osceola keeps an eye on its levees and the Mississippi River

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

OSCEOLA, AR (KAIT) -With flooding happening all around them, many in Osceola are worried about rising water.  The Mississippi River has already flooded many of the streets around town right along the levee.

The river is higher now than most people say they've ever seen it.  However one man said he remembers the river rising like it is now about sixty years ago.

"It's a little surprising to see it this high but I have seen it much higher though in 1937," said Joe Scott.

90-year-old Joe Scott has lived in Mississippi County his entire life.  As he and his wife watched the water rise, he said he is worried about what could happen.

"It worries me very much because of how people in this area would be in this water," said Scott.

Scott is not alone.  On Thursday people went to the levee along the Mississippi River to get a closer look at the water.

"I've never seen it like this, never," said Torrence Lane.  "I'm kind of getting kind of worried because this thing is steady rising and it may not top the levee but I don't know."

If the water were to rise more than expected he and his family could be affected.

"It's flowing pretty good now and my house is about a half a mile from this levee," said Lane.

There are many in Osceola who live right beside the levee.  Robert Ross lives a stone's throw away from the edge of the levee that protects the town.

"The levee there if that breaks it's just going to wipe us all out," said Ross.

As the Mississippi River continues to rise there are a lot of eyes on the water.  Lane said as other areas along the river rise it does raise his level of fear.

"It's coming from up there coming down here and when it comes from up there it is going to rise here," said Lane.

A meeting is planned for Saturday in Mississippi County to plan an escape route for residents if the water does rise more than expected.

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