Jacksonport evacuation lifted, residents may return

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JACKSONPORT, AR (KAIT) Monday night, Jacksonport residents were told a mandatory evacuation was in effect. It wasn't until Friday morning that residents were given the green light to return home. It's expected to be a busy weekend there as people do start to return home.  Many are breathing a sigh of relief because the homes they are returning to are dry.

Not much is stirring in the Jackson County town of Jacksonport hours after a mandatory evacuation is finally lifted.

"It wasn't a comfortable feeling moving out of your home," said Jacksonport resident, Roger Stone.

The sounds of nature are interrupted by the rumble of heavy lifting.

"We're in the process of moving back in," said Stone.

For some,  what could have been caused concern during the evacuation.

"Being displaced in the first place then coming home and having to clean up a mess that mother nature left behind," said Jason Phillips.

After hearing flooding stories from years past, the Phillips family left last Thursday.

"It's in God's hands and you gotta play by his rules," said Phillips.

While they were gone, Phillips says they all kept a close eye on how close the water was getting.

"We could come out and talk to the corps guys and they would give us any information they could and we knew what the river was doing everyday.   It was checked on everyday by someone out here, said Phillips.

For the Phillips family, to arrive to a dry house is an overwhelming relief.

"I'm grateful, I'm blessed, my whole family is," said Phillips.

For Roger Stone, the stress of evacuation is beginning to be too much.

He says there's really no place else for him to go.

I'm hoping that's fixing to change.   I'm hoping to get out of here so I won't have to worry with this no more. I'm getting too old," said Stone.

Most, if not all homes in Jacksonport, did stay dry during this flood scare.

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