Grubbs prepares for rising of the Cache River

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

GRUBBS, AR (KAIT)- Jackson County Emergency Management Officials are closely monitoring the town of Grubbs. In the past two days, three levees have breached, including one along the Cache River.

Since Thursday night volunteers have been hard at work installing Hesco baskets and sandbagging to protect the community. And Friday, some kids proved that age doesn't matter when it comes to lending a helping hand.

"I'm helping the community because if Grubbs floods I don't know what we're going to do," said eight-year-old Natalie Smith, who was out Friday getting her hands dirty. "Usually I just usually hold the bags while he digs," said Smith.

With sweat, dirt, and all, a hand-full of kids spent Friday afternoon filling and packing sandbags. While some may think it's hard work, for 12 year-old Jacob Hockaday, he felt differently. "I don't know it's fun I guess," said Hockaday.

Emalee Smith says when it comes to sandbags, she does it all. "I will stick the bag on there I will shovel it, and I will tie it," said Smith. She says last night alone she filled 80 to 100 sandbags. It's a job she says requires a certain amount of skills. "Strength and the ability to lift up a shovel," said Smith.

And like clockwork, the bags were placed all around Northeast Grubbs. Right now, Grubbs Mayor Jackie Ivy says residents should be well protected, but the biggest concern will be road access. "We already have water a quarter of a mile on the road east of town. Highway 37 is closed south of town. Highway 37 is going to be closed going north of town. Buy your groceries now or forget it," said Ivy.

As of Friday, Highway 18 between Grubbs and Newport is open, but that could change if flooding becomes a problem. There had been reports Thursday night that Grubbs was being evacuated, but Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas told Region 8 news that is not the case.

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