UPDATE: Body of missing woman in Randolph County found

RANDOLPH COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The body of missing woman in Pocahontas has been found.

According to Randolph County Sheriff Gary Tribble, the body of Jana Chastain was discovered in the flood waters just south of where here submerged SUV was located on Thursday.

Since the discovery of Chastain's car, deputies and volunteers had been searching the Randolph County flood waters.

Chastain's body has been sent to the State Medical Examiner for Autopsy.

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The search continues for Jana Chastain after her SUV was recovered from flood waters near Shannon on Thursday.

On Friday lower flood waters allowed Randolph County Sheriff's deputies and Sheriff Gary Tribble to walk in areas that they previously could not get to.

Tribble says they have been walking through areas where boats could not go due to the high amount of debris in yard they are working in. Tribble says the lowering waters both help and hinder.

"It's bifold." He says; "The lower water prevents us from using the boats the way we want but does let us look into the water easier."

Tribble says if he has the opportunity or the offer he may use aircraft to aid in the search.

One tool that has come into use today is a Cadaver dog.  Roxy is owned by Blake Bristow. The dog was used out on the swiftly moving water onboard the Pocahontas Fire Department Rescue Boat.

Bristow, "Today we put her in the boat and made passes to see if she picked up any kind of odor."

Bristow said that a person passing in the water will immediately start putting off an odor, the longer the immersion the better for the dog to scent the victim.

Bristow said the size of the search area is huge. "Not much success today, so much territory with just one dog. " Bristow said he may call in other dogs to help.

During this entire time that Chastain has gone missing he (Tribble) has been in constant contact with the family.

Tribble replied, "This is a difficult time for the family because they don't know where there family member is."

Tribble says he and his deputies will be out searching until Chastain is found.

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