Grubbs resident copes with flood damage

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

GRUBBS, AR (KAIT)- The town of Grubbs is completely isolated after rising water covers any access in and out of town. Grubbs Mayor Jackie Ivy says they have opened a shelter at the old Grubbs High School, and already received help from the Red Cross. Volunteers filled and stacked sandbags over the weekend, but for some homes the water still poured through.

"We hauled dirt. We built dams. We lost a battle on the south end and we got water," said Ivy.

Several homes on the south side of Grubbs were surrounded by water. But some homes have been hit worst than others.

"We have to get to our house by boat. My great grandparents bought this farm in 1936. It's never been flooded like this. It's never been over our levees," said resident Jimbo Fields. Levees that use to protect the house Fields grew up in, now a view that is hard for Fields to swallow.

"There's just no explaining. This is the worst thing I've ever been through. Waters a foot deep. All the carpets floated up. We saved what we could," said Fields. He says they placed as much as they could on top of tables and blocks, but almost everything was lost.

Fields says the damages are going to cost thousands of dollars, and hopes to get help from FEMA. "We do not have flood insurance it's too high. Living on the river it's thousands of dollars a year just to get flood insurance," said Fields.

It's unsure when the waters will recede off the roads. Office of Emergency Management Director Donny Ivie predicts they will be following the flooding down the Cache River all way to Wooduff County.

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