Hospital staff step out into the community to help others

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - May 9th through the 13th is National Hospital Week and one local hospital has events planned for every day. St. Bernards staff decided to hold a "Community Day" on Tuesday, spending the day helping others.

Registered Nurse Hollie Roach volunteered to work at the Holy Angels Convent, and says when she first heard about the volunteer day she became excited. "This was an opportunity. It's a privilege to come out here and serve so I didn't pass it up. I've never been out to the convent before and it's beautiful. I also get to talk to the sisters and at the hospital when we're working we don't get to spend a lot of time with them. I've hung out with them all day and it's been a great day."

Sister Mary Anne Nuce of the Holy Angels Convent says it's a blessing to have people willing and able to help. "Oh, we appreciate it. We have so many windows in the place it's almost impossible for us to wash them all. They decided to send people out here in shifts throughout the day. They started around eight this morning and everyone has been working so hard."

Hollie says helping others is something she feels everyone should do. "I think everyone needs to do their part for society."

They also collected canned foods to donate to the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas as a part of Community Day.

Wednesday employees will head up to the roof top of the parking garage at St. Bernard's for hamburgers and hot dogs.

Thursday is Administrative Appreciation Day.

Members of the administration staff will work in a variety of areas like environmental services, nutrition services, engineering and much more.

Friday is Auxiliary Appreciation Day where employees will be treated to wide variety homemade desserts, courtesy of members of St. Bernard's Auxiliary.

For more information about St. Bernards, log onto their website.

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