Residents Bothered by Factory Dust

Chris Crain says he tries to stay inside as much as possible because he can't get away from all the dust.

"I can tell I'm breathing it in. I can see the little particles around me and I'll start sneezing like hayfever type symptoms."

He says not only does it get in his car, " my house, everywhere. It's terrible."

Crain lives five blocks from Riceland Foods and says he thought he was safe. VP of Engineering, Rick Rorex, says this is a busy time of year for farming.

"We're right in the peak of harvest and that is when it's the most challenging for us."

Rorex says this happens ever year and they try to cut down on the unusual amount of rice dust.

"We do apply a mineral oil to a lot of the rice to try to hold the dust down and we have a sprinkler system in place to keep the dust down in that regards."

Riceland processes millions of bushels of grain every year. Crain says maybe he needs to pack up and move to another area.  Rorex says there's a silver lining at the end of this cloud.

"We have hit the peak of harvest and it will start tailing off in the next seven days it has actually started tailing off now."

He says there is no way to completely eliminate rice dust, but harvest season is almost complete and worst may be behind them.