Flooding problems continue in Payneway

PAYNEWAY, AR (KAIT) - The small town of Payneway in Poinsett County continues to receive support from nearby communities.

Wednesday, members of the National Guard chipped in to help protect homes.

Inmates from the prison in Luxora and Osceola helped in the operation as well.

Residents say the water is no longer rising, but it's not receding either.

Members of the Corner s Chapel Baptist Church have been working hard since Sunday Night.

"We're still filling sandbags," Jay Paul Woods with Corners Chapel Baptist Church told Region 8 News, "We got sand trucks running all day. Just quick as they can get them, they run to Razor Rock in Harrisburg and the highway department has been going and getting theirs also," he said.

Woods is also asking sightseers to avoid Highway 14.

"When we got sandbags and stuff and we have to wait for five or six cars to go by at 10 miles an hour, when we're hurrying trying to get done, it's not helping the matters," Woods said.

Woods estimates nearly 20,000 sandbags have been filled and laid at various locations in Payneway.

According to the National Weather Service, the water there may not recede for another two weeks. However residents say they'll continue to fight the flood water until then.

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