Repairing Mayflower firing range

Work is under way to repair Mayflower firing range MAYFLOWER (AGFC) – Two weeks after a tornado severely damaged the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's Dr. James E. Moore Jr. Camp Robinson Firing Range at Mayflower, a portion of the range is already back up and running. The range's trap house is operable and Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program teams are using it for practice. Skeet will be operable when electricity to the facility is restored.

If all goes well, the rifle range will be open in a couple of weeks. The pistol range, however, is a different story. The pistol range baffle system was wiped out. Repair on this component will take some time.

The range had been closed since early February while it was undergoing an extensive renovation. It was scheduled to open May 1. Renovations included increasing the rifle shooting positions from 10 to 12, and pistol positions from 20 to 30 spots. Spaces for additional shooting positions were being created by leveling the berm between rifle and pistol ranges, and replacing it with a concrete barrier.

The range is operating at a minimal level, but activity is expected to pick up in the next couple of weeks. No date has been set on when the range is expected to be fully operational again. To find out more about the range and to see a calendar, go to: