Jonesboro Church Health Center receives huge donation

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – To celebrate National Nurses Week, members of two groups in Region 8 decided to celebrate by helping others. The Arkansas Nurses Association, District 6 and Sigma Theta Tau Eta Theta Chapter wanted to do something for all of the nurses in the area.

The organizations recently set to work to raise money for the Jonesboro Church Health Center. The drive was successful and they collected over one thousand dollars for the organization.

Assistant Professor of Nursing at Arkansas State University, Bilinda Norman, says they chose the Jonesboro Church Health Center because it functions on a voluntary capacity. "We feel that's a very good organization because most of the things that are done there are done on a voluntary basis. And they only function by donations that are given through the community."

Bilinda says she and participants hope when others learn of what they've done, they will follow suit. This is the first year these organizations have raised money for another group.

Bilinda says, in years past, they've held banquets to honor their peers. "We just feel like the Jonesboro Church Health Center does so much for the entire Jonesboro and Northeast Arkansas Region and so many of the healthcare providers donate their time there that this would be a much better opportunity to touch more people's lives."

Bilinda says they discussed doing a number of things before arriving at their final decision. "We actually contemplated doing several different things, but because we are all nursing faculty and the Sigma Theta Tau is an honor nurse's society and it's the Arkansas Nurses Association of our district, we felt like this was something healthcare related."

Bilinda says she's very proud to have been a part of this project. "It feels really good, to know that we've helped. You know, the number one thing the Jonesboro Church Health Center does to raise funds is their peach drive and other than that it's just private donations. They help so many in the community that are uninsured."

Members of the Jonesboro Church Health Center use their donations to buy the equipment and supplies they need to care for the patients.

For more information about the Nursing Program at Arkansas State University, you can log onto their website.

For information about the Jonesboro Church Health Center, click onto their website.

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