Greene County sees extensive road damage from flood

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The waters are starting to recede in Greene County, but not fast enough for homeowners and road crews. Many roads are still closed and homes are flooded, but the work has begun.

Greene County Judge Jerry Shipman said, "People were flooded in their homes and flooded out of their homes. They couldn't get to them and had to move out because the water was as deep as 50 inches in several of our homes."

Shipman said the Cache and St. Francis Rivers flooded out of their banks across parts of the county, leaving damage to many homes and roads.

"They didn't only have area water it was the water north of us that brought the water south and flooded us out," said Shipman.

Richard shearer lives near the St. Francis River, which flooded his home.

"It come up overnight and it's probably still waist deep inside my house," said Shearer.

He hasn't been able to return to his home because the water is just so deep.

"I lost everything I had except I got two pair of pants and two shirts out and then I got out of there," said Shearer.

He said the water came up so fast and now it's taking a long time to go down, but when it does, he plans to pick up the pieces.

Shearer said, "I'm just gonna take and clean everything out and just gonna have to start over all over again."

Judge Shipman said many of the roads within the county received quite a bit of damage.

"We've got something in the 250 mile range and no less than 400 thousand dollars worth of damage," said Shipman.

That tally could increase once the rest of the water recedes, according to Shipman. However, many of the roads are still covered with water, making travel impossible.

"We would still have 60 miles that are impassible and we have a couple of roads here that has got the people blocked away from their homes," said Shipman.

Road crews have been out working to repair the roads that have been washed out.

Shipman said, "One we're fixing to roll a tank off in and try to open the road up probably tomorrow. We might get it opened up this afternoon but it's doubtful."

Shipman said Greene County Road 8221 is now open and he hopes that the rest of the roads will be repaired and open by next weekend.

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