"Make A Splash" project teaches students about water quality

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

LAKE FRIERSON STATE PARK, AR (KAIT) - Nearly 300 elementary students visited the park today to take part in "Make A Splash" a part of project WET which is an Arkansas Department Environmental Quality program for educating teachers about water quality.

Organizer Barbara Miller from ADEQ says educating young people about water quality is very important. Miller says the water we have on earth now is all we will ever have. "The same amount of water we have on the planet today we had thousands of years ago. We can't make water so as a resource it's important to take care of it."

Vanessa Hall who teaches at Weiner Elementary views Thursday activity as a reinforcement to normal classroom science classes.

Hall, "Hopefully what they are learning will add to what they've learned all year. "

Although none of the 10 stations which covered everything from pollution to steam engines to the geography of a watershed specifically targeted the current flood problems. Hall says her class has been discussing them.

Hall, "We talk about the different areas, different counties. Some of the social studies part of it. We talk about how they feel, how it happened and how some of the levees have broken.

The presenters represented several state agencies, Game and Fish, Arkansas Parks, and the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission and ADEQ.

This is the fifth year for the program that rotates around the state to many different locations.

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