Questions linger about the Harrisburg School Board

HARRISBURG, AR (KAIT)  "Some of the actions that they have taken recently, I think a lot of the people in the community feel maybe is not in the best interest of our school district and our children," said district patron, Greta Greeno.

Greta Greeno helped spearhead an effort for a meeting allowing Harrisburg School District patrons to discuss concerns about the status of the school board with the members.

"We haven't been able to get the board situated.   Both people from both communities feel the same way about this.   They would like to be able to go forward," said Greeno.

There's still no final word from the courts about who exactly will serve on the Harrisburg School Board now that Weiner has annexed in.  You'll recall Byron Neal was not voted onto the current board by some of the other members--a move sparking controversy district wide.

"The board is currently in place and they have been court ordered not to take any formal action," said Scott Smith.

Smith is one of the attorneys for the Harrisburg School District.

It's been a divisive issue lingering in the community for months, but one attorney for the district says a ruling could be near.

"We're hoping that a ruling from the Arkansas Supreme Court in the next several weeks will bring the matter to a conclusion," said Smith.

Carol Meilke says those unresolved issues with the board are troubling and adds she would like to see the board be more open.

"Set aside a certain amount of time either before or after the board meeting to meet with parents and let them voice their concerns," said Carol Meilke.

"I feel like the community got to express their opinions and I think by far they were in agreement they would like to see this board do what they had to so that they could come in compliance and continue on with business," said Greeno.

When a final decision is made about who will be on the Harrisburg School Board, count on Region 8 news to bring that to you.

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