Coca-Cola Celebrates 100 Years in Jonesboro

Mitzie Whitten says for her there's always been Coca-Cola.

"From the time I was a little girl til now Coca-Cola has always been something really special when I was little it was always a treat now I can't walk in the door without drinking one."

For 27 years, Whitten has worked for Jonesboro's Coca-Cola branch. Now that branch is celebration 100 years in the community.

"I grew up here i've worked with some of the people since I've been here for 30 something years and I just love it.

Branch manager Keith Germano says she's an example of the driving force behind 100 years in business.

"It's all about employees.  Without their commitment and dedication the company wouldn't be here."

 The Jonesboro division services over one thousand customers in sixten counties.  As a whole, Coca-cola Enterprisesis the largest single bottling company in the world. Germano says something about this drink sparks up nostalgia.

"Coca- cola is more than a soft drink it's a way of life."

Now the Coca-cola way of life is taking a taking a healthier route Germano says.

"We've gone again from 1 package of coca-cola in a six and one half ounce bottle.  We're currently now distributing over 380 brands a variety of non-carbonated beverages like dasani, power-aid, minute made juices.