Fundraisers held to help Pocahontas families reclaim their homes

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) -A little over two weeks ago people in Pocahontas were packing up and heading out.  As flood waters closed in on their homes.  Those behind two fund-raisers in Pocahontas have the same goal: collect money for cleaning supplies for victims.  Many families are facing devastation unlike anything they've ever experienced and every little bit helps.

"There is just so much cleaning that has to go on for them to even attempt to get back in and live," said Angie French.

French said the "Do $2" fundraiser being held in front C&A Auto Body is aimed at collecting cleaning supplies.

"We're asking people to donate either $2 or two items to the Salvation Army to try to get some kind of relief to the flood victims," said French.

A few miles down the road in Pocahontas those in charge of another fundraiser hope to accomplish the same thing.

"We're going to buy cleaning supplies, food staples, personal care items," said Norma Pickett.

After the flooding disaster many want to help, but don't know what to do.  That's why Norma Pickett said the proceeds from this cookout at the Randolph County Courthouse will all go to disaster relief.

"There are just so many different areas and, of course, the farmers.  It's impacted a lot of people in one way or another," said Pickett.

Allan Saala is helping raise money when he too is affected.

"I had 14 inches of water in the utility room and in my garage.  I lost a lot but I'm very fortunate compared to a lot of the people," said Saala.

One of the areas that has the most damage is the Robil Addition.  This week people have been working to tear out the inside of their homes before the real cleaning can start.

When something like this happens people feel the need to work together.  Whether it is by giving a donation or lending a helping hand this community will recover together.

"If we don't help each other who is going to help we've got to help our fellow man.  We've got to," said Saala.

If you would like to help flood victims you can make a donation at Iberia Bank to Randolph County Flood Victims.  On Friday they collected $7,744.  They will take that money and purchase cleaning items and bag them up for a pick-up day that will take place on June 3rd starting at 9 a.m. for flood victims.  A list is being compiled at the courthouse of recipients for the supplies.  If you are a flood victim in Randolph County you can stop by the courthouse and fill out a form to let them know your situation.

If you would like to help out with the "Do $2" fund raiser you can contact French at 870-378-5783.

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