Final regular season weekend shaping up to be a wild one for the Razorbacks

LITTLE ROCK ( - Arkansas is still in the hunt for the SEC West title.

Who isn't at this point, though?

As we enter the final week of the regular season, the division standing are, well, interesting. Every team — all six of them — could conceivably come away with the West championship this weekend.

Arkansas, Alabama, Auburn and Mississippi State are all 13-14 in SEC play. Ole Miss is right behind at 12-15 and LSU is 11-16.

Arkansas (13-14) hosts Ole Miss (12-15) in a series set for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. LSU (11-16) faces Mississippi State (13-14). Alabama (13-14) has league-leading South Carolina (20-7) and Auburn (13-14) has it relatively easy with Tennessee (5-22).

Not only does the entire western half of the league appear to have a chance at a division championship, they're also all in play for the SEC Tournament, which takes the league's top eight teams. Tennessee and Kentucky are out of the picture, but 10 teams are basically battling this week for eight spots.

Those same 10 teams are conceivably still in play for the NCAA Tournament. It's possible that a team could fail to make the SEC Tournament and still be one of the 64 selected to play for a trip to the College World Series.

IIt apparently takes an abacus and a calculus degree from M.I.T. to figure out all the possibilities, even for a team like Arkansas. So the best bet for the Razorbacks is just to win this weekend. And then cross their fingers that's enough.