Two Crashes in Randolph County Send 7 People to Area Hospitals

October 1, 2003 - Revised at: 10:30 p.m. CDT

MAYNARD, AR -- First Responders in Randolph County were stretched thin Wednesday afternoon when two accidents occurred in the Maynard area within 6 minutes and 10 miles of each other.

The first accident involved one vehicle and occurred near the junction of Highways 115 and 251 on Bellview Road north of Pocahontas around 3:10pm. The driver was heading south when he lost control and apparently over-compensated three times as he swerved down the road sending the vehicle and its' 3 occupants into a ditch and wrapping it around a tree.

Randolph County Sheriff Brent Earley said, "(They) had convulsions. Some of them were fighting back out of anger; a lot of broken bones in the arms and in the legs. One gentlemen had both of his legs broken in 2 different places, so it was a severe wreck. All of them had trouble breathing."

The 3 men in their early 20s were flown to The Med in Memphis. Sheriff Earley believes they were driving too fast and alcohol may have been a factor.

The second accident involved a car and a bus. The bus' driver had just pulled onto Highway 328 heading west in Maynard. She had stopped to let students off when the driver of the car behind the bus rear-ended it.

"The occupants of the car had apparently been waving at some other kids that were by-standers near the highway, failed to pay attention to the bus and rear-ended the rear-end of it," said Trooper Kevin Bell, Arkansas State Police Troop C.

No one on the bus was injured. All 4 teenagers in the vehicle were taken to Randolph County Medical Center. The driver of the car was charged with careless and prohibited driving.