Volunteers in Payneway assist flood victims

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

PAYNEWAY, AR (KAIT)- The flood water in Payneway started to drop over the weekend. The problem now is helping those individuals whose homes are surrounded by water.

"It breaks your heart to see all these people lose everything they've worked so hard for all these years," said Jay Paul Woods, who is a volunteer from Corners Chapel Baptist Church in Payneway. He spent Monday afternoon going door-to-door to assist residents and the elderly whose homes are surrounded by water. One dog even used the sandbags as its guard post. Many residents still had their pumps hard at work to try and keep the water out.

Woods says the goal is help residents who might have a hard time getting in and out of their home, whether it's to bring a hot meal, take out the trash or pick up medications. He says the good news is the water has gone down. "The water was up to 14 inches at one time and it's down to seven now," said Woods.

But until the water moves out Woods says they will continue to help where there's a need. "We're going to be out everyday. We may not go through the same neighborhoods everyday. But if someone needs something just call someone at the church," said Woods.

For further assistance in Payneway, Crowley's Ridge Development Council will be at will be at Corners Chapel Baptist Church in the morning from eight until noon to provide assistance for flood victims.

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