Rebuilding homes in Region 8

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) -Dozens of homes all across Region 8 have significant water damage.  While many have worked to rip out their flooring, walls and everything in between there is still concern over what has to be taken out. 

"As of now everything up to four foot has been taken out," said contractor Dale Crosland.

Crosland has several projects lined up in the Robil Addition.  One house he and his crew are working on had several feet of water inside.  He said when that happens you have to act fast.

"Strip everything that's wet.  Anything that will soak up water needs to come out," said Crosland.

Last week the homeowners ripped out the damaged material.  Now the rebuilding is starting.  Crosland said there are a lot of things that have to be removed from a water damaged house.    

"Insulation and sheet rock will fall apart.  It needs to be taken out and if you don't take it out pretty quick that is when the mold starts coming in," said Crosland.

Crosland and his team are hanging the new sheet rock and are trying to get this house back to where it needs to be as quickly as possible.  He said residents also need to be aware of this:  just because it looks dry or you cut above the water line doesn't mean you don't have damage.

"If you reach in and grab the insulation and it's not wet it ought to be fine.  The sheet rock, if the backing is not coming out of it once you cut a piece out of it should be ok," said Crosland.

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