Pets affected by flooding must soon go home

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KENNETT, MO (KAIT) "Right now, we have right at 100 animals left," said ASPCA's Tim Rickey.

The number is down significantly from the 550 plus animals the emergency shelter in Kennett, Missouri housed at one time.

"Many of these animals and their owners would have been left in peril had we not had a chance to come in," said Rickey.

After weeks of providing refuge for these animals, Tim Rickey with ASPCA, says it's time for owners to reclaim the remaining pets.

"We've been making phone calls.   We've had people going to properties to try and locate the people," said Rickey.

Rickey says they hope to have all of the animals out of the shelter by Friday in order to start demobilizing the operation.

"We want to find a positive resolution for the animals and their owners," said Rickey.

Rickey says regardless of whether or not you can take your pet back with you, at least call to work out temporary or permanent arrangements.

"We would just really like to hear from them, find out what their situation is and see if there is a way that we can help them beyond the immediate emergency shelter," said Rickey.

"We'll go out of our way to reunite an owner with their pets.   I want everyone to be calm and realize that if you call us we're going to make the arrangements and you're going to get your pet back, said Karol Wilcox at the Caruthersville Humane Society.

Many heartfelt reunions have already taken place, and workers here are hoping to see even more.

"The pets get perky and recognize them right away.   They're out in the parking lot just loving' on one another.   That really makes it all worth while," said Rickey.

Karol Wilcox says permanently surrendered animals will be transported to shelters across the country to get adopted out.  She adds pets that aren't reclaimed by owners will eventually become property of the Caruthersville Humane Society.

For more information about reclaiming your pet, call 573-359-5802

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