Man accused of throwing baby out of a window

Travis Carter (Source: Pemiscot Co. Sheriff's Dept.)
Travis Carter (Source: Pemiscot Co. Sheriff's Dept.)

By Josh Harvison - bio | email

CARUTHERSVILLE, MO (KAIT) – Caruthersville Police Chief Chris Riggs sais a  man will appear before a judge Thursday on charges he struck his wife multiple times, broke into her home and threw a 10-month old baby out of a window. According to Brittany Carter, who said Tuesday she is separated from her husband, Travis Carter was trying to see the couple's child when he got angry. Brittany said he broke her window to her unit at Tavis Apartments.

"He came to the window. My son was in the window and he asked if he could see him and I told him no. I didn't want him over here. I told him to leave," said Carter. "He hit me in my face and threw me on the floor real hard and he just kept hitting me and hitting me. He got stuff out of my kitchen, like pots and pans, and was hitting me."

According to an affidavit obtained by Region 8 News, prosecutors look to charge Travis with 1st degree burglary, 2nd degree domestic assault and 1st degree child endangerment.

"He came to the door and started kicking the door, like kicking it really hard, and I pushed the door and I had grabbed my cell phone because I was scared," said Carter. "I was just worried about my son, you know, because he was in here and I was worried about what he's going to try to do to him because he already threw a baby out the window."

Carter said she is four months pregnant with another child with Travis. She said a doctor's visit revealed no problems.

"They did an ultrasound, checked everything out and they said that everything looked fine," said Carter, who expressed gratitude that Travis was caught later in the day Monday.

"I feel like I'm free and I can do what I need to do for myself and my kids now without having to watch over my shoulder and worry about somebody following me around," said Carter. "We were real scared last night and finally I called up there and asked them. They were going to be patrolling by my apartment and my mother's house and they were like, well, we got him about 15 minutes ago. I swear I could have cried."

India Wilburn was in the residence at the time of the accused attack. She said her child was thrown out a broken window.

"He was walking away and he started kicking the door and when he couldn't open the door, he started kicking the window. When he got through the window, he ran towards her, so I sat my baby down by the TV trying to help her," said Wilburn. "I jumped out the window after my baby and grabbed my baby, and then I ran to a friend's house and told my friend to call the police."

Wilburn said her baby was okay.

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