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Attorney General speaks about Freedom of Information Act

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Arkansas Attorney General's office has joined forces with the Arkansas Press Association to make sure Arkansans know the facts surrounding the Freedom of Information Act.

Representatives have hit the road and are traveling across the state to present the "FOIA Road Show" to any citizens the wish to attend.

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel says he's seen Arkansans show an interest in FOIA and what circumstances fall into its area. "I think we've seen in Arkansas over the course of the last year how important the Freedom of Information Act is, ensuring the public its right to know what's being done on its behalf in their name. And I think one of the best partnerships the Attorney General's office has is with the Arkansas Press Association. Every year we try to educate those who are impacted by FOIA. It's school board members who want to do the right thing, city clerks, county officials. That's usually where the rubber meets the road and that's why we're trying to answer some tough questions in advance before folks find themselves dealing with it in day to day practice."

McDaniel says the biggest question that keeps popping up concerns meetings. "Always there's questions about what constitutes a meeting. If you have two school board members out playing golf together, talking business does that count as a meeting? Well, it might. And I want to make sure the public and the press know that the Attorney General's office is available to help answer questions and certainly I want local officials to recognize that the Attorney General's office is a resource and we have some of the best legal experts in the state when it comes to FOIA law, available to help and answer questions."

McDaniel says it's important to him and those in his office that people have all the facts they need to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. "We've hit communities all over Arkansas and this latest series, I think, will draw a lot of attention. The Game and Fish Commission over the last year have raised a lot of questions about the scope of FOIA and the scope of the public's right to know and I think that it's very much on the minds of the people of Arkansas and so, I wanted to come home to Jonesboro and have our initial meeting for this particular series."

This is the first in a four part series. They'll be traveling to other communities in Arkansas holding similar presentations.

For information about the "Road Show", click onto their website.

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