Arkansas and Bobby Petrino release finalized employment agreement

FAYETTEVILLE ( - Arkansas and Coach Bobby Petrino agreed to terms of a new contract in December. Petrino's full employment agreement — all 45 pages of it — was released on Thursday.

Many details included in the contract echo what we knew in December:

*Petrino will make an average of $3.56 million per season between now and 2017.

*Petrino gets $500,000 just for signing the contract. And he stands to make longevity bonuses for making it through the length of his contract.

*Buyouts are $18 million, $18 million, $17.95 million, $14.525 million, $10.825 million, $7.375 million and $3.925 million. And there's also a no-compete clause where Petrino has agreed not to seek employment at any other SEC school.

A few deatils worth noting:

*Petrino will get $35,000 annually from Arkansas for the purchase of life/disability insurance. Should anything happen to Petrino to prevent him from working (serious injury, death) insurance would help cover the loss of salary.

*Incentive payments have increased in a few areas. Those are detailed below:

Athletic Achievement

Incentive Payment

Increase From Previous Deal

Win/Tie SEC West


Win SEC Title Game



BCS Title Game Appearance



BCS Title Game Victory



Non-Title BCS Bowl



Cap. One, Cotton, Outback



Other Non BCS



SEC Coach of Year


National Coach of Year


**These incentive payments are non-cumulative. In the event Coach and the football team win the SEC Western Division Championship and win the SEC Championship Game, Coach shall receive an incentive payment of $100,000.

++These incentive payments are non-cumulative. In the event that Coach and the football team appear in the BCS National Championship Game and win the BCS National Championship Game, then Coach shall receive an incentive payment of $300,000.

#These incentive payments are cumulative and Coach is eligible to receive a total of $50,000 if he is named SEC (as named by the SEC) and National Coach of the Year (as awarded by an organization determined by the University) during the same season.