Church keeps community afloat

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

PAYNEWAY, AR (KAIT)- Flood waters have affected towns all across northeast Arkansas, southeast Missouri, and down the Mississippi River. Sunday, Corners Chapel Baptist Church was one of many who is relying on their faith to pull them through.

"The power of prayer is phenomenal. It has stirred out church, and this community," said Glen Hurst is the pastor at Corners Chapel Baptist Church in Payneway, one of the many areas hit hard by flood water.

"Not only is it here, but all the way to New Orleans. Churches are meeting and their talking about how they are going to help people and rejoicing. So, it's exciting to see what God is doing in his churches," said Hurst.

Sunday, the congregation and community came together to give praise, and continue to help support their community. A disaster relief fund has already been set up to help residents get back on their feet.

"My house got water in. My sister's house got water in it," said Charles Cantrell, who has been a member at Corners Chapel since 1960. He says it is the support of the congregation that has made the difference.

"Just knowing that somebody else cares and somebody wants to help you. It makes you want to help someone else," said Cantrell.

Church member Jack Jackson says it's faith that keeps the community afloat. "The last two weeks had been all God. We're talking about women, kids filling sandbags. Young ladies wading in water waste deep trying to save someone's house," said Jackson.

It was a sight that Pastor Hurst says has changed lives. During the service, church members read letters from inmates who spent day-in and day-out filling and stacking sandbags, and were inspired to write the congregation. But the mission isn't over, and church members continue to pray for the strength and support for a community that refuses to sink.

"Hey we're going to kick back we're not going to let it die," said Jackson.

Pastor Hurst says the church will continue to serve meals to individuals who need it, and plan to do all they can to help people get back into their homes.

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