Bikers Attend Biker Sunday at Local Church

October 5, 2003 -- Posted at 6:18 P.M.

JONESBORO, AR — Melodic sounds from chrome pipes aren't only from the organ at Temple Baptist Church, and church member Byron Holt says it's causing people to wake up.

"It really opens the eyes of people to see a christian is not your standard person it could be a guy on a bike riding next to you."

Substitute teacher Gary Hubbell is one of the 100 bikers to roll into biker Sunday, seeking the highway to heaven.

"Not everyone who comes in is automatically assumed to be christians so it's a good way to reach non-christians.

Hubbell says bikers are more that what you see in movies.

"There are a lot of rough people there's accountants and dentists and everything riding out there today.  People normally think of the typical b movie type of biker that still exists today I think this shows that's not the case.

Holt says worshiping with the Christian Motorcycle Association is refreshing.

"Everytime it's a breath of fresh air it brings in new people and new experiences."

In these new experiences,  faith is the common thread.