High winds rip off roof of storage unit at Fisk Elementary

FISK, MO (KFVS) - A severe thunderstorm hit Fisk, MO on May 23 and damaged Fisk elementary school property at about 3:30 p.m.

High winds ripped off the roof of the storage unit and threw it across the property. Debris from the roof missed the power lines but hit a corner of the school roof and ripped off air conditioning units.

The wind continued to carry debris onto Highway DD and into neighbor's yards across from the school. The highway had to be closed off until the debris could be removed.

No one was injured but faculty and janitors still at the school had to take cover. No students were present at the school as it was the last day and classes had been dismissed at noon.

School officials said that the roof had to be replaced five years ago because of a similar storm and that 21 years ago a tornado went through the district and damaged a different school on the exact date, May 23, on the last day of school.

The wind also tore down a basketball hoop and blew out a window in two different buses.

Superintendent Mike Stevenson said that the building will have to be replaced. The wind caused cracks in all corners of the building, making it unsafe.

Stevenson said that insurance will cover all of the damage and the rebuilding of the storage unit.