Lawn grass diseases springing up

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Many people have had to mow their yards a lot this spring because of the above average rainfall. But the green grass has turned to brown for some in Region 8.

John Glover, General Manager at Superior Lawn Service said, "A lot of diseases. Patch type diseases in our Zoysias and some in the Fescue yards. That's been pretty prevalent all over."

He has been treating lawns for 16 years and said you will see some diseases every year, but not like this.

"Our Bermuda grass yards have been the worse this year that i've ever seen," said Glover.

The grass diseases such as root rot are not just popping up in a few locations.

Glover said, "I've spoke with people all over the mid-south. In north Mississippi, Memphis area, West Memphis, even down to Searcy and into Little Rock and they're all seeing the same problems."

So what has caused many of the root systems in the yards to rot out?

Glover said, "We've just had stresses from one extreme to the other. Now we're having all the rain."

Glover said the heavy rain hasn't been the only factor for grass diseases. he said some of the brown spots are due to winter-kill which is where the roots died from the harsh cold temperatures last winter.

"We had a bad drought last year. A lot of the grasses were really struggling and rooting shallow because the moisture wasn't there in the ground to get the roots deep," said Glover.

People who work to keep their yards looking great may have to wait a bit longer before the grass starts to improve.

"As long as the environment is conducive for that disease to continue to develop, even the best fungicides are going to have trouble stopping it," said Glover.

Once we get a break from the heavy rain and the temperatures get warmer, Glover said the grass will outgrow the disease. Until then, it looks like we still may be looking at those brown spots dotting our yards.

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