Beaver tailwater plan now available for comments

Beaver tailwater draft management plan now available for comments

BENTONVILLE (AGFC) – Earlier this year, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Trout Management Program began the process of updating the management plan for the White River trout fishery below Beaver Dam. As part of that process, the AGFC is asking anglers for their input on the updated management plan.

AGFC is allowing time for anglers to submit additional comments and feedback on the draft management plan. A copy of the draft plan can be found at Draft Management Plan. Anglers who have comments or suggestions about the draft plan should direct them via e-mail to Christy Kitterman ( or Jeff Williams ( prior to June 10.

The current management plan on the 7-mile-long fishery was developed in 2005, according to Kitterman, AGFC trout management biologist. "Since that time, management actions outlined in the plan were implemented and it is now time to determine if these strategies have worked and whether public expectations of the fishery have changed," she said.

Beginning with a March 1 public workshop, anglers were given the opportunity to provide input on the direction of management on the Beaver tailwater. Stakeholders were asked to identify their major issues or concerns with the trout fishery. They were then asked to provide advice or suggestions to AGFC personnel on how best to address the major issues.

A summary of the input provided at the first public workshop can be viewed at Draft Management Plan. After the March 1 meeting, AGFC personnel started working on draft goals and strategies that will serve as a guideline for management of the trout fishery on the tailwater for the next five years, Kitterman says.

"Key to developing realistic and effective strategies was the analysis and incorporation of the large amount of data and angler comments available for the Beaver Tailwater from creel surveys, annual population samples, a growth and mortality study, and a mail survey," Kitterman said.

Angler comments from the March 1 meeting also played a large part in development of specific strategies outlined in the draft management plan. A second public workshop was held May 17. Attendees had the opportunity to comment on issues and concerns they had with specific draft plan goals, objectives and strategies.